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Cos Nuiele M 45

Cos Nuiele M 45

31,99 Lei

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Cos Nuiele M 45

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Cod articol: 116124

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31,99 Lei


Cos Nuiele M 45 este recomandat pentru pisici si caini de talie mica.

Este confectionat din nuiele si captusit in interior cu material textil.

Cosul de nuiele M 45 este confortabil si calduros

Dimensiuni: 45,5X36X14(h)

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Cod produs 116124
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Ghid Hranire N/A
Material Lemn
Tip Hrana N/A
Varsta N/A
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Sortiment N/A
Tip Ambalaj N/A
Talie N/A
Culoare N/A
Rasa N/A
Marime N/A
Forma N/A
Capacitate N/A
Clasa N/A
Ambalaj N/A
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